Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pregnancy Diary- Third Trimester

27weeks 5days- Baby G's movements are so much bigger. Hubby is amazed by it, an if I'm honest I am too! Completely forgot how movements felt at this stage! It's quite scary because I feel like she is getting huge already. I'm still panicking over labour, but I think I'm going to be ok once it all starts?! I haven't a choice really have I? We're in the final stretch.... Eep!

28weeks 5days- today I had my MW appointment to measured again because I was measuring 2 weeks big last time. I measured 29 weeks today. Obviously means I'm more on track since I'll be 29 weeks in 2 days! But the thing that concerns me is it was a different MW measuring me from 2 weeks ago, so it's not a consistent measurement, which is basically what she said to me, all MW's measure differently! I told her my concerns and she showed me the centile that the baby is on and it's just between the 50th and 90th, so approximately 75th. She also said that the baby will probably be bigger than Max was! I'm so scared!!
Also she said that baby's head was up near my left rib, but when I came out her bum was sticking right out into my right ribs where she normally is! She must have wiggled all the way around. Next appointment is in 3 weeks, as even though I wasn't measuring too big she wants to monitor me.

31weeks 3days- I've not wrote in a while. Mainly because there hasn't really been anythin interesting to update! My ever expanding tum is still on the rise, although it does seem to be settling and looking a little less over huge for the week that I am (if that makes sense?!), but I'm yet to be measured again on Thursday (in 2 days) so I'll see what the MW says then! I've had increased pressure 'down there' like she's possibly moving down and getting ready but that's not concerning me either. I'm still scared about labour but I'm not as bad, I suppose I have to do it so I may as well not stress about it!
Her movements are still frequent and huge!! But all is ok for now, hope to blog with some good news that I'm measuring normal soon....!

33 weeks 1 day- So a lot has gone on since I blogged last! Baby measured ahead again so went for a scan, the baby is measuring a little bigger than average and I'm carrying excess water. I've got to have a gestational diabetes test and a torch screening (?) at 33 weeks 6 days.
Spoke to my midwife and she said she will see me after the tests and arrange an appointment with a consultant to induce me early.
Been losing plug a little and going to the toilet a lot recently. I'm really hungry and tired but want to get all the cleaning done! Will blog again next week when I've had the tests and know the results!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

M's first day at nursery 16/09/14

My gorgeous boy melted my heart today when he left me at his nursery door. I know I can't be the only mum who cried leaving there little ones! The uniforms make them look so grown up, yet too small to be in them!
I got him ready by myself and managed to fight back the tears (pretty hard when your super emotional from being 6 months pregnant as well!!)
Just look at him though...
And when we got there we hung his coat and bag up on his peg (*sniffles*), have a little look around and then goodbye, love you (*sniffles*, this is getting too much for me!). Then they handed me this on the way out...
How thoughtful of them. Such a lovely gesture to us emotional parents!
I went to a friends for a cuppa and a catch up to take my mind off things, and to be quite honest, the time flew by so quickly. Three hours is nothing is it?!
Me and Hubby went to pick him up. He was very happy and told us all about his day. They read Spot the dog and he had a carrot and "cows milk!" for his snack time! And he came out eating a pear and brought us this lovely picture...
He's fast asleep now and definitely looking forward to tomorrow in school too. I'm happy that he is happy and that's all that matters. And I'm looking forward to hearing all about what he is learning and him making new friends! He's goin to do great at this whole nursery stuff and I am a very proud mummy already!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Cornwall Holiday 2014

Today we got back from our favourite place, Cornwall. We definitely feel like we need another holiday after all the exciting adventures we've been on!
So instead of spamming my Instgram and Twitter I'm just going to share a few of my pictures of days and nights here with you....

Day 1- We explored around Hengar Manor Country Park where we stayed and then for dinner and to the disco.

Day 2- We went to Tintagel Castle and had a look around Bodmin and disco again on the night. Max was quite the party animal...

Day 3- Nicks birthday! Had a lovely day in Polzeath and visited Wadebridge. Max met Fireman Sam!

Day 4- We ventured into Newquay, still Max's favourite place to go when we are down here! Had a night off from the disco but went to a lovely little restaurant for dinner called St Mabyn Inn.

Day 5- We explored Padstow today. Nick said it's now one of his favourite places and we can't wait to visit again next year. Max met Bob the builder.

Day 6- Fed the ducks in the morning, there was loads! Newquay beach again, Max's choice and he met a minion at the children's disco!

Day 7- Back to Newquay for our last day out. Went to the aquarium (I love sharks!) and the shops. Max met Peppa Pig at the disco.

--We stayed at Hengar Manor Country Park. It was very good for children and had a lovely swimming pool, which we used nearly everyday. They are a 'Go Active' park with lots of activities available for adults and older children that we never used.
The location was perfect for us because it wasn't too far from Newquay and gave us the opportunity to explore different parts of Cornwall we hadn't previously.--

Friday, 22 August 2014

My pregnancy wardrobe

Last time I was pregnant I don't think I even invested in any sort of maternity wear. I was very early in the winter months (still fit in normal clothes) and very large in the summer months (lived in maxi dresses and baggy stuff!)
This time I'm the opposite way around (smaller in the summer and bigger in autumn/winter) and was getting really fed up with leggings!! I know there is nothing wrong with leggings and I will be wearing them again, but not every day?!
I've not completely invested in brand new maternity clothes, if I am honest I think it's a bit of a waist of money buying brand new to only wear for a few months! And if you know me, you know I love a bargain! (And to be honest I couldn't tell you when I bought an item of clothing for myself brand new anyway!!)
But I do think that comfort in pregnancy is very important and nice clothes are a bit of a must-need boost too!
If you've ever been pregnant or are currently pregnant, there will most probably be a time were you break down and cry because of your current wardrobe. It gets yous down! And it's not because you're a bad mum-to-be!! It's because it happens to everyone and your body is changing and you just get fed up!  Oh and don't even get me started on the friend of a friend someone told you about who still fit into her normal size 12 clothes all the way through pregnancy! She mustn't have been comfy right?
(Don't hate me if that was you, we're just envious!)

So here is what I'm wearing- 
2 x pair of over the bump bootcut jeans - (one dark and one lighter pair) I'm not joking they are the comfiest things in the world and they look good too! 
1 x pair of over the bump skinny jeans- these are a nice light blue and are extremely comfy too. Plus because they're skinny they go with everything!
2 x pair of under the bump skinny jeans - both different bright colours. To be honest I have only worn one of these so far. And because I'm carrying very low they're not at all comfy for me. If the baby moves up maybe they'll be comfier? But until then, I'm personally avoiding.
1 x Black over the bump trousers - I don't necessarily have to wear formal clothes for work so I only need one pair. But they are really comfy and because they're black they go with everything aswell.
1 x maternity dress - It's pink and kind of a skater style? I'm not overjoyed with it and with the weather I think I've only worn it once. It's comfy but a waist for me personally. I think if I was going to a party I'd invest in something worthwhile.
(I bought all of my maternity clothes off eBay so apart from most of them being super comfy, I got them for a fraction of the retail price too!)

The rest of my wardrobe-
Maternity tops- I own 2 but hardly wear them as normal tops fit ok for now. As long as I haven't got under my bump flashing, Im fine. (I can't bare that!!) 
Leggings- I still wear leggings, just not everyday. I recommend the primark ones, only because they feel the stretchiest and comfiest.
Midi dress- I have a stretchy black midi dress I bought a while ago from New Look. It wasn't very expensive and it is very comfy. I think if I wanted a new dress I would look for a similar style and material.
I'm only almost 22 weeks so I will try and add anything else I pick up over the next few months!

Any other day that I'm staying in I tend to wear jogging bottoms or hubby's pyjama bottoms! They're so comfy, and hubby laughs at me when I pull them right over my bump, I'm like what, I'm attractive right?!! Haha.

Monday, 14 July 2014

16 Week Sexing Scan at Take A Peek

I'm the most impatient person in the world so I needed to find out the sex of the baby as early as I could!
I decided to go to Take A Peek in StHelens because apart from the low-ish price, I'd heard good reviews from friend of friends...
I was pleasantly surprised that the woman who did our scan had done my 12 week scan at the hospital! She was very kind and talked us through everything that we could see on the screen.
Was a really lovely experience and I saw my little girl, set me off a little emotional which I wasn't expecting!
M loved seeing his little sister on the screen for the first time and hubby was soo chuffed he was going to get a daddy's girl!
So now we are all so excited to meet her... Only 24-ish weeks to go!

16 weeks 2 days- 

For more information about Take A Peek visit their
Facebook- Take A Peek St Helens
Twitter- @takeapeek3D @takeapeek4D

Thursday, 10 July 2014

My birth experience

I had to be induced with M because he was 13 days overdue. I had already had a couple of sweeps which had failed to kick start things! 
So my husband and my mum had not long left me at the hospital. I'd already had the gel and was experiencing a little bit of cramps which were to be expected, nothing too bad, but the midwife recommended I get a bath to help relax me. During the bath, I had a pain go from my back to my stomach. It shocked me a little and I decided to get out of the bath. Got my pyjamas on and got into bed, felt relaxed with a few pains every now and again, but still I continued to read my magazines and text my hubby who was at the pub!
Just before I was going to go to sleep I decided to ring for the midwife to ask for a paracetamol, just to ease these small pains so I could try and get a decent sleep!
The midwife was quite rude and said that she would check me over and then get me the paracetamol although nothing would be happening of course!
She checked me, I saw blood and she said she was going to see if there was a bed on the labour ward and just left me how I was!
Another midwife came in and said you wouldnt think you was 4cm dialated! I didn't bloody know! I phoned hubby, who luckily only had one pint! And phoned my mum, so they could come up to me!
So it had started! I was a mixture of emotions. I was doing really well without any pain relief at first and then decided to use the gas and air. Bouncing on the birthing ball and laughing a little too much!
Then things got a little messy! They broke my waters (hubby went out for that bit), my mum said there was a lot of water and they went all over the poor surgeon, I did manage to apologise though!
I was put onto a drip to intensify and make my contractions come quicker. That was quite a bit more painful and I decided that the epidural might be the best option at this point.... my biggest mistake ever!!
The surgeon failed to put the epidural in 7 times! And I still have the marks up my back to prove it! My body did go into shock and I was a bit sick.
I then decided that diamorphine was going to have to be my saviour, and my goodness it was!
I did complain about the surgeon because as she was leaving she said it was the end if her shift and she was just having one of those days! The cheek of the woman!!
Anyway, I was now sleepin inbetween contractions and I felt incredibly relaxed. Sent hubby to get me some strawberry water from the shop down stairs and the midwife nipped outside. It was just me and my mum in the room, "Kate are you pushing?" "Don't push no one is here!"
I was on my knees leaning on the back of the bed and I was indeed having a little bit of a push until my mum had found me out an brought to my attention that Nick actually wasn't in the room!
Both hubby and the midwife came back into the room and my mum told them I was pushing. The midwife checked me and said she was going to get a baby catcher. I genuinely remember thinking that he was going to get a net to catch my baby in!
The diamorphine had worn off and the midwife took the gas and air off me and half an hour of pushing and baby Max was born! That was by far the best part of my labour!

All in all I was in labour for about 11 hours. Although some of my labour wasn't pleasant most of it was an incredible experience and I hope that my next baby is brought into the world in a way just like it!
Thank you for reading about my labour experience, I hope I haven't put anybody off! But if it was that bad I wouldn't be pregnant with my second now, would I?

Look out for guest bloggers sharing their experiences on my blog soon....

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Yoga4Pregnancy - Review

Have a busy lifestyle leaving no time to go to a yoga class? No pregnancy yoga classes available near you? Or do you feel kind of embarassed first time yoga goers wobbling a little with your bump sticking out and needing to pee every 5 minutes?! Well the Pregnancy4Yoga app could be for you...
Currently I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant. Previously I've done a couple of yoga classes (so I'm no expert!) and really enjoyed them, but its always hard to find the time to go, especially as I work part time and have an almost 3 year old!
I decided to have a look for a pregnancy yoga class I could take part in and found nothing in my town.
I didn't think about downloading an app and it was only by chance I saw something on twitter asking for pregnant women to review a yoga app, a great coincidence!
So here is what I personally think about my first attempt at the Yoga 4 Pregnancy app...
Let me just start by saying I honestly didn't know what to expect! Basically the set up is simple and easy to use with the opening menu giving you 3 options;

Once you have read the "Using this app" you then start with your "Yoga Lessons". You have the option to choose chapters so you can mix and match and do them in any order you prefer or choose your favourite if you have a spare five minutes just to help you relax a little. Or you can do all of the lessons in one sitting which takes about 30 minutes.
What I really like about this app is that it is a video and not just pictures of random poses, so you can see exactly how the movements should look and of course you are being spoken to calmly and reminded about your breathing throughout, which I found really relaxing, and as stupid as it sounds you do forget to breathe sometimes!
Also it takes into consideration pelvic girdle pain, bad knees, heart burn and carpal tunnel, which we all may experience at some point during pregnancy. 
Honestly, I am looking forward to doing this throughout my pregnancy, it was lovely to feel baby moving about whilst I felt relaxed and focused on bonding with him/her.
I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is pregnant and I would definitely say that the small price is well worth it and more! A relaxed and stressless mummy means a happy baby!

The creator of the Yoga 4 Pregnancy app is Anna White who runs Pregnancy 4 Yoga classes in Manchester. To ask any questions or to find out any more information contact her via
twitter- @pregnancy4yoga_
Lots more information can be found via the website

Thank you for reading my first ever review and any feedback is greatly welcomed!
I was given the Yoga 4 Pregnancy app free of charge for reviewing purposes, but these are my honest opinions.
Go download your Yoga 4 Pregnancy app now available on iTunes.